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Services & Fees

Our Services

We understand there are a lot of costs associated with buying a home and that finding a way to reduce those costs may sound good in the short term, but deciding to go with the "lowest cost" home inspector may lead to expensive repairs down the road.

With ARTI Home Inspections LLC, you get a thorough, professional inspection and our prices are competitive!

We base our fees on the size and age of the home and take into account any special features (detached garage, multiple heating systems, guest house, etc) of the property.  

Call us at (610) 220-1907 or Email Us to get an exact quote, however we do have some starting prices outlined below:

Home Inspection                                   $300+

The cost depends on size, age and any special features.

Wood-Destroying Insect Inspection    $95   ($135 without home inspection)

More commonly known as a "termite inspection", checks for multiple woo-destroying insects including including termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees.

Radon Test                                             $110 Berks Co.($135 w/out home inspection)

Radon is a radioactive gas that you cannot see or smell.  It comes from the natural breakdown or uranium in soil, rock, and water and enters the home through foundation cracks, crawl spaces, and other openings in the home.  The EPA recommends every household be tested.  Having a Radon Test is the only way to determine the home's radon level.  Results take a minimum of 48 hours.  

Aren't sure if you need a Radon Test? Click Should I get a Radon Test? to learn more.

FHA Water Test                                       $140

There are a number of different water tests you can order.  FHA/VA is the most common and checks for total coliform, fecal coliform, nitrite, nitrate and lead.  Contact us for all the tests and pricing available.

Hourly Consultation                               $125/hr